Creativity, Sensibility, Responsive Design

    A building is an expression of energy, materials & design. Buildings are not comprised of isolated components, but rather, they are each comprised of systems that interact with one another, including the larger ecological systems and the human community.

    Sustainable design leverages the complex and complementary interactions to reduce energy use and levy the smallest possible environmental impact, while enhancing occupants' comfort and productivity.

    As public and institutional concern over energy costs and environmental preservation grows, how we design, construct, and maintain our built environment must change. The field of architectural design now includes an ever-expanding set of strategies and tools to increase resource efficiency, reduce a structure’s impact on its environment, and provide maximum value to the surrounding community. Buildings designed with longevity, ease of use, and reusability in mind will add beauty, require less energy and repair, and provide more future value to communities and the public.

    Compass Group Architecture strives to produce sustainable facilities, and our architectural team embraces sustainable design guidelines that enhance building ecology, promote energy efficiency, and focus on smart materials selection.

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