As the eyes and ears of your project, all communication between the owner, contractors and design team are channeled through CGA to ensure quick, efficient decision-making and a single source of accountability. CGA is team-centric, and proficient in mediating issues among all project stakeholders. This single-source accountability keeps the project on track, on-time, minimizing delays and cost over-runs. It also greatly improves, first-time quality of all documents, drawings, logs, reports, estimates and submissions.

    Establishing clear and open lines of communication to help avoid conflict and encourage constituents to work together for their common success is a hallmark of CGA Project Management. As the construction industry shifts to more-collaborative delivery methods—such as design-build, CMAR at-risk construction management and integrated project delivery—owners are squarely relying on the OPM to manage risk and improve performance and accountability. Advanced communication, including electronic and project-based inquiry systems are important to deliver information at a moment’s notice. CGA Project Management has the system and reporting to support today’s appetite for information and accountability.

    Establish Owner’s goals and objectives for budget, schedule, design, function and quality.
    The challenge of getting a project off the ground successfully requires a coordinated team effort, thorough planning, and accountable leadership. CGA Project Management offers vital pre-construction services whereby the critical aspects of the project are identified, documented, and managed. Through careful program management, our team establishes the owner’s goals and objectives for budget, schedule, design, function, and quality. These become the anchors that guide the decision-making process through the entire design and construction process. CGA’s team typically prepares critical path schedules, detailed budgets, cash flow projections, and identifies long lead bid items and construction phase coordination and planning.

    As your owner’s representative, CGA Project management directs and coordinates all activities relative to the design, construction, consultant team. We are committed to quick, efficient decision-making and a single source of accountability that keeps you informed 24/7 on all aspects of your project. We are also responsible for flagging concerns and alerting you and the project stakeholders of any problems or issues that may affect the goals of the project, the design intent and the establish budget. We represent your interest only, not the interest of the design team or contractors. We are your eyes and ears on the jobsite, ensuring you the quality you expect, completed on time and within budget.

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