Budget, Schedule and Scope- “The Big Three”, are intrinsically woven together on a design project. Changes or modifications to either of these factors has a major, rippling impact on the other, and underscores the reason a reliable estimation of cost is so crucial to the team. We work diligently to deliver cost-centric solutions that have a reliable certainty of range. We start with the notion that BUDGET is an overall number we adhere to, and the cost estimate is a range we work fluidly with so we can reach and achieve the targeted budget and resources established.

    Value engineering is an integral part of steering the project ship to stay on course with the budget. For CGA, value engineering is not a cost-cutting or scope reduction exercise, rather it is a process where we collaborate with the team to reach the intended goals of the project at the lowest market price without impacting the design intent. We will assist the stakeholder in evaluating everything, from design to product and system to keep scope, design intent and installation on course.

    Oftentimes, after the bidding and procurement, we find that our budget is within 1% or less of the original established budget, and the team didn’t have to accept undesired design modifications or inferior, cheaper building products or systems to make budget…this is the relentless pursuit of excellence.

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