• East Providence High School

    At 304,000 square feet, the new East Providence High School will include a career and technical center with a construction lab, a radio and television broadcast studio, and a graphic arts program with spaces for fashion and illustration, ceramics and sculpting.

    The high school will feature a 900-seat auditorium, digital music lab, choral classrooms and practice rooms. A library resource center will be a “maker space,” with open areas for students to congregate. The new athletic facility includes a lighted football stadium and fields for several sports, including lacrosse and soccer.

    Perhaps the biggest improvement involves the science labs. The current building has one lab for 1,450 students. The new facility will have 10 labs, with movable desks and the latest safety equipment.

    The nearly $200 million school will be built on the athletic fields of the existing school, off Pawtucket Avenue. The existing school will be demolished once the new one is built, and the new athletic fields will be installed there.

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